Where are the female tradies?

Male domination of trades and trade courses in the automotive, construction, mining and energy sectors is entrenched above 95%, despite the substantial pay advantage compared to other trades such as hairdressing and hospitality. In an effort to uncover why so few girls pursue the male-dominated trade careers, I set off to schools with my pink […]

Less sunshine, wind and rain could cast shade on renewable energy

Fighting climate change will involve massive changes to the way we produce and distribute energy. Those changes are already happening. Several studies have looked at how our energy systems will change as clean energy increases and fossil fuels are replaced. But climate change must be planned into this transition. For instance, temperature is a key […]

Getting more energy from the sun: how to make better solar cells

Global demand for energy is increasing by the hour as developing countries move toward industrialization. Experts estimate that by the year 2050, worldwide demand for electricity may reach 30 terawatts (TW). For perspective, one terawatt is roughly equal to the power of 1.3 billion horses. Energy from the sun is limitless – the sun provides […]

Share the light

As the local power grid was overloaded one extremely hot January day this year, the neighborhood lost power, as it does once or twice each summer. Unfazed, I reached for my trusty, D Battery powered flashlight under my kitchen sink, which only makes an appearance during these summer blackouts. And you guessed it, batteries were […]

2016 is likely to be the world’s hottest year: here’s why

We’re not even halfway through the year but already you may have heard talk of 2016 being the hottest on record. But how can scientists be so sure we’re going to beat the previous record, set just last year? Even before the end of 2015, the UK Met Office was forecasting with 95% confidence that […]