Australian solar households to lose subsidies, but it’s a bright future for the industry

Solar households in Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales will this year cease to be paid for power they export into the electricity grid. In South Australia, some households will lose 16 cents per kilowatt-hour (c/kWh) from September 31. Some Victorian households will lose 25 c/kWh, and all NSW households will stop receiving payments […]

Brexit backfire? UK actually has more ‘energy sovereignty’ inside the EU than out

The UK imports around 6% of its electricity through undersea cables linking it to the European mainland. These links help Britain deal with the ebbs and flows of renewable energy generation, and give the country a “safety net” in case things go wrong. Europe’s electricity network shows just how interconnected nation states are these days, […]

The suburb of the future?

It’s been said that it isn’t easy being green. Well, that won’t be the case for the residents of Melbourne Australia’s newest suburb, YarraBend. Icon Status The suburb is located at the previous site of the Alphington paper mill, just 6.5 km from the CBD and is being promoted as “an iconic new suburb” on […]