A smart ‘switch’ in photosynthesis holds lessons for solar technology

Photosynthetic organisms like plants are the ultimate natural solar panels. They are extremely efficient at converting sunlight into stored energy. Researchers working on “bio-inspired” solar innovations – drawing from the natural world to create new technologies – find this extremely interesting. They’re keen to understand exactly how the photosynthetic machinery works to harvest light under […]

How to earn up to £4,820* from the UK government by installing solar

<img style="max-width:300px;" src=" you could try here.jpg” alt=”solar rebate phasing out” /> Did you know that UK homeowners with solar panels get paid by their electricity company for the electricity their panels produce? Under the UK government’s feed-in tariff program, electricity companies must pay customers for all the electricity their solar panels produce, regardless of […]

President Trump could kill the Paris Agreement – but climate action will survive

November 9 will likely become the day that the Paris Agreement died, but not when the goal of limiting warming to 2℃ slipped out of reach. President Donald Trump can, and likely will, drop out of the Paris climate agreement. Direct withdrawal will take four years. But Trump could instead drop out from the overall […]

India wants to become a solar superpower – but its plans don’t add up

One of the world’s largest solar power projects has just been completed in southern India. At 648 megawatts (MW), the Kamuthi solar plant can generate as much electricity as most coal or nuclear power stations. This is great news. But it must be only the start of an unprecedented Indian solar boom. For the country […]