How to earn up to £4,820* from the UK government by installing solar

How to earn up to £4,820* from the UK government by installing solar

Did you know that UK homeowners with solar panels get paid by their electricity company for the electricity their panels produce?

Under the UK government’s feed-in tariff program, electricity companies must pay customers for all the electricity their solar panels produce, regardless of whether the electricity is used in their home, or not.

The Energy Saving Trust estimates that UK homeowners who install solar can expect to earn £4,820* over 20 years under this program!

How does it work?

For every unit of electricity produced by your solar panels, your electricity company pays you 4.18p.

If your home doesn’t use this power (because everybody’s at work for example), then your electricity company will buy it from you and pay you an additional 4.91p. They’ll then sell that electricity to another customer.

Over 20 years, these payments can add up to £4,820 according to the Energy Saving Trust*.When you add in the savings off your electricity bill, the total benefits of a solar system can add up to £7,300.


Why is the Government doing this?

It’s pretty simple. The government needs 15% of electricity to come from renewables, like solar, by 2020 to meet their renewable energy target.

Instead of spending huge money to build and generate all this themselves, they’ve figured out a much cheaper and quicker way — incentivise UK homeowners to do it for them.

Now’s the time to get quotes

Huge improvements in the manufacturing process of solar panels, as well as a massive number of new Chinese solar panels coming into the UK, have made the solar industry very competitive.
This is great news for consumers. More competition has meant prices have dropped to record lows.
In fact, since 2008, Solar prices have actually dropped 80%.

Interested in taking advantage of the government’s feed-in tariff? You can get started in 30 seconds!

*Aggregate earnings from generation and export tariff over 20 years. Calculations based on Energy Saving Trust figures for a 4kWp system on a south facing roof in London.

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