Schott Solar Panels Review - Are They The Right Choice?


Contrary to popular opinion, Schott does not make regular “consumer-grade” solar panels.

Rather, “SCHOTT Solar CSP develops, manufactures and markets highly performance receivers – which comprise the core of all solar power plants using parabolic trough and linear Fresnel technologies – contributing decisively to making tomorrow’s energy production possible today.”

“SCHOTT Solar CSP ranks as market and technology leader for receiver tubes and has supplied more than 1 Million receivers to power plants all over the world.”

In other words, their products are used for building solar power PLANTS, not panels that go onto an individual roof.


This means if you’re looking for roof solar panels you’ll need to find an alternative brand to fulfil your needs.

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Remember, don’t be too hasty in accepting the first quote you receive. Different installers charge different prices, even for the same product. Installers all buy their products from different places, have different margins and offer varying levels of service. The price you are quoted, even for the exact same product, can vary by hundreds of pounds depending on who you talk to.

The best way to make sure you get the right panel for you at the best price is to compare quotes from MCS accredited installers with experience in your area.

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