Solar Panel System Install Photos

Below are photos of quality solar system installations. Ask the companies vying for your business to send you photos of past installations, if they don’t look as good as these jobs, ask why.

Solar Panel Installations

What to look for in solar panel installations:

  • The panels are lined up nicely.
  • The rails are cut nice and short.
  • UV resistant conduit protecting the cabling between the rows.
  • Be aware of black cables being exposed to the sun.
  • Panels not necessarily close to the ridge so that they catch the wind.

Rails nice and neat, shouldn’t be longer than say 15cm, panels line up nicely

Inverter Installations

Neat inverter installations should have:

  • All cables secured, not just hanging.
  • Plenty of ventilation to the sides and especially above the inverter, generally at least 20cm.
  • No direct sunlight on them between about 8am-4pm.
  • UV resistant conduit protecting the cabling.
  • Warning labels attached.

The garage is the best location if possible.

Ideally the inverter should be in a location where you pass by often so you can see if the warning light is on which may mean there’s a problem with the system.


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