Hybrid Systems

A hybrid system is a solar, or photovoltaic system that combines traditional system, which is connected to the grid, with a solar powered battery unit.

Hybrid Power Systems
img source: Electrical Engineering Portal

The main benefit of this system is that not only does it create energy, it can also store it. This includes the energy created during the day which was not used, that can be stored in the battery for use at night when solar is not being produced or to sell back to the grid’s energy provider.

Your hybrid system will provide you with power during a black out. A short term loss of power, under 60 seconds, can be expected, which will require many clocks and appliances to be reset. How long the power will last depends on the size of the battery, time of the black out and how soon the battery can be replenished.

A standard hybrid system will typically double the cost of your solar system. Depending on how much energy your home or business uses when the sun is not shining, will help determine what size system you need, what the cost is and ultimately whether or not the price is right for you.

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