Why Solar Power?

Well over a million homes in the UK have invested in a solar system.

This number is expected to grow to over ten million in the next three years, if the country is to fulfil its renewable energy potential meaning the UK would produce about 6% of its annual electricity needs from solar power and as much as 40% coming from the panels on sunny days in summer, by 2020.

The increase in the amount of solar panels being installed will bring the costs of the solar technology down. According to research by Imperial College London, by 2030 the cost of solar will be comparable to the dirtiest forms of coal and gas.

The growth in solar installations have been spurred by a combination of plummeting panel prices and the Government’s Feed-in Tariffs which pay you for energy your system exports to the grid when your not using it.

The Feed-in Tariff (FIT) became available in the UK on 1 April 2010. But the Government has reduced it by nearly 87%, from early 2016.  So now is the best time to instal solar panels and lock in the remaining tariff for 20 years.

How it works

You will receive a set amount of money for each unit (kilowatt hour or kWh) of electricity you generate. The rates are subject to change and vary depending on:

  • the size of your system
  • the technology you installed
  • when your system was installed
  • who put the technology in place – you need to use a certified installer

If you want more information your installer or installer companies or an electricity supplier will have all the up-to-date information.

Or visit the Energy Saving Trusts official page on the Feed-in Tariff scheme to find out how much you will receive.

Getting a Solar Power Quote from a MCS certified installer in your local area is easier than ever.

Proceed to get a quote now!

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