Off Grid Systems

Maybe you’ve overheard a conversation at a barbeque? Maybe you’ve read about it or maybe you’ve seen it presented on YouTube. And now, you just want it and you want it Now.

This new Tesla PowerWall and solar battery that are currently making headlines for helping everyone to get “off the grid” (OTG), might not be the solar powered knight in shining armour that you’ve been dreaming of.

The term “off-the-grid” here refers directly to living in a state of total self-sufficiency, with a total lack of reliance on external electric utilities.

Off-Grid Systems

Before you max out your credit card or top up your home loan to finance the installation of this new technology, have you done the research to determine exactly how suited you and your home are to live OTG.

The PowerWall and its competitors all have one major obstacle associated to them – price. You’ll need to carefully consider the TOTAL cost associated to the design, installation and serving of these systems and how long it will take for the system to pay for itself.

Other questions to ask your household or business: How easy is the process? Geographically speaking, is this really an option? How much solar storage will be required to live completely OTG?

Additionally, identifying your intention will aid in clarifying what your goals and success rate for living OTG is and if in fact it is achievable.

Once you’ve answered these questions, you might find that going 100% off-the-grid is not realistic and that you’re willing to compromise…and we think you will be.

As a compromise, a hybrid solution could possibly make all of your solar dreams come true.

Understanding Off-Grid

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