Total Off-Grid Systems

An off-grid system, creates a totally autonomous powers source, created from the sun [or wind] and harnessed at your home or office and is completely free of any public electricity networks.

Yes, this is an ideal scenario. Who wouldn’t want to be energy independant? Separation from power bills, a reduction in your carbon footprint and a sense of freedom that money can’t buy.

Well, money can buy it, but it isn’t cheap. You would need to build a system that is large enough to harness enough power storage capacity to power you through any extended periods of rain, snow and lack of sun.

And that is after you have managed to streamline and reduce your current household or business energy needs.

Off-Grid Systems

Another consideration will be investing in a top quality solar hot water system that will compliment your system’s configuration.

A stand alone power system or a total off-grid system consists of 4 core components:

  1. Power generator – e.g. solar panels, wind turbines, fuel generator
  2. Battery bank
  3. Battery charge controller
  4. Inverter (or an Inverter/Charger).

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